What is it I love about classic books?

We knew it would happen eventually. It was inevitable. Nothing could save us from this fate: I need to rant about classic books every once and a while or I turn into a potato. Such are the facts of my existence.

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on classic books, and I’m not here to make fun of the ones I don’t agree with. I also am about as picky about classics as I am about other genres of books, but as a rule, I’m big on classics. BUT WHY??? Is the big question. I’m glad you asked! I made a list. A lot of my backup posts are lists, so you guys better get used to them. Lists are cool. And orderly.

Yay lists.

#1. They usually take the show don’t tell rule very seriously. Sometimes so seriously I’m begging the author to tell me like ONE thing because I’m lost. *sad sadness* But I really don’t like telling so I’m usually down for being confused instead.

#2. They often have great themes. I’m terrible at incorporating theme into my novels, so, you know, EDUCATION. Just drink up the knowledge, brain cells. *brain cells are definitely not listening* But along with the mandatory daily crisis that comes with realizing I still haven’t figured out what my theme is, there’s usually that part that makes me think, “huh. That’s deep. I’ll remember that.” And I usually do, which is nice. *cut to a scene of my brain cells obsessing over the theme of A Tale of Two Cities while pushing everything I learned in school last week out the nearest window*

#3. As much as I love me a good classic, reading them is a lot of work so finishing them is like A RUSH! OF ACCOMPLISHMENT! Because let’s face it: focusing is hard.

#4. They’re usually that One Thing I Find Funny. I don’t know why I consider this a legitimate reason to like classics, but I do. I mean, I wasn’t even big on Pride and Prejudice (please don’t hate me) (I didn’t even finish it, I found a different way to get that Jane Austen requirement for school), but I found Mr. Darcy really funny. I don’t know why no one liked him. He was my favorite. #Don’tHateOnMrDarcy

#5. Like most things I read, a little bit of the writing style rubs off on me. Even though my style is VERY different from a classic novel, I don’t think it hurts me to get in on some of that SophisticationTM. I usually pleasantly surprise myself after reading some Dickens on something, like, hey, that wasn’t a bad description there. *self high-five*

But, I can’t pretend it’s all perfect and stuff. Like any good friend, classics will sometimes stab me in the back. Why are you looking at me like that? I don’t stab people to show affection, I promise. I do have a couple of pet peeves when it comes to classics:

#1. The flat female love interest character. OKAY. SHE HAS NO FLAWS. SHE’S THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. WE GET IT. You might want to make sure she’s not a cardboard cutout, okay mate?

#2. I like slow books, but I still would like a little plot sprinkled in there somewhere, please and thank you.

#3. Why are they all printed in tiny print?


So there. The sad fate of being turned into a potato has been thwarted. What do you guys think about classics? Does anyone else not understand why no one liked Mr. Darcy?

Oh, and you know that posting schedule I promised? *dramatic lighting and background music* *everyone leans forward*

This is it. I’ve decided Tuesdays are a good day to post. So tune in on Tuesdays!

2 thoughts on “What is it I love about classic books?

  1. OKAY I SERIOUSLY AM WONDERING ABOUT THE TINY PRINT THING. i have a copy of an old henty book with literal 1/16″ high type. it’s ridiculous.
    But I totally agree with you on everything you said about classics – I love them too! Which is your absolute favorite?
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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