What writing rules do I follow?

Greetings, earthlings. Today, I bring you… what is this? Another list? Impossible! But it is possible, my friends. (My internal narrator just switched to a really bad French accent for some reason.)

These are my personal rules for writing. I decided to write them down to remember them because the storage in my brain is running out. And I thought to myself, preferably in a really bad French accent now that I think about it, “this is possibly blog post material!? Yay!”

So here we go: my personal rules for writing.

  •  Pray. How I see it, writing can either be self-focused, or eternity-focused. I want what I write to matter in the long run, and I want to be a good steward of my talents.
  • Focus. If I’m writing, I’ve got to be focused on writing. I can’t be fiddling around on Pinterest or something. It’s got to be the one thing I’m doing, or CHAOS ensues. *insert a mushroom cloud of unproductive-ness*
  • Put on music or block out other sound in some way.
  • Have goals. Tell myself I’ll write 300 words before I take a break or something. If I don’t have a goal… the mushroom cloud of unproductive-ness looms on the horizon.
  • Reward myself. Maybe with a little snack. We loves snackses, don’t we, precious?
  • Speaking of snacks, NO food while writing. There will be distraction and crumbs all over my keyboard and both those things are a travesty. Maybe some tea instead.
  • Remember, I’m my worst critic. No one is going to read my writing with the same ruthlessness as I do. Unless they’re a very mean person having a very bad day. And it’s generally not a good idea to listen to very mean people having very bad days, anyway.
  • Write for myself first. Writing for other people’s enjoyment is all well and good, but if I’m not invested first, it just ain’t worth it.
  • I will never feel ready to share my work with other people, but sometimes I have to anyway. It kind of feels like having a baby and immediately drop-kicking them off a cliff. But you do what you gotta do, and that baby can take care of itself. It’s a tough baby.
  • HOWEVER, I don’t have to show everything I write to other people. Sometimes I write silly stuff for me just because I can. It keeps things interesting. Maybe, someday in the distant future my weird random stuff will survive on a thumb drive somewhere and archaeologists will excitedly decode the ancient technology and find… really horrible poetry. That would be hilarious.

There you have it, folks. Shorter post today. I want to say “well it’s because I’m spending all my energy on my short story!” But in real life I have no idea where I’m spending my energy so…

Anyway! How do you fight the mushroom cloud of unproductive-ness? Do you have any rules?

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