Hi, it’s your old friend, writer’s block

*crawls out of the smoldering volcano I live in* Oh hi. Welcome to a blog post that isn’t episode 4 of the Wishmaker. Sorry.

You see, I’m fighting a case of writer’s block, and I have no idea why. So we’re taking a break from Daisy and Ron’s adventures and talking about… *glances at note cards* stuff. Today I’m just going to be rambling. Those of you who want something coherent can leave now.

Ramble #1: little things in books that make me really happy. I adore those little ribbon bookmarks that are built into older books. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. If the bookmark isn’t attached to the actual book I will lose it, so it’s very considerate on the part of the publisher to make up for my forgetfulness. I also love it when there’s a cool header at the beginning of each chapter. And clever chapter titles are good for people who want mild spoilers.

Ramble #2: Underrated fairy tales. I love me a good fairy tale retelling, and will be easily contented with a Snow White or a Sleeping Beauty, but there’s so much untapped fairy tale potential. For example, a Rumpelstiltskin retelling! Or something with the Pied Piper. (all of these involve kidnapping. Am I okay.) And if someone could make the Princess and the Pea actually make sense, that would be great.

Ramble #3: I scared myself so bad last night. I was home alone (jk my dad was home but he was asleep) and the house was really dark and quiet. I went into a darkened room to check on our guinea pigs, turning on the light on my way in. I must have bumped the pet gate we have leaning up against the wall, because I turned around and… *click* The light turned off. This has happened before, where the gate bumps the light switch, but I made an extra effort NOT to bump it, so when the light turned off, I basically yelled and prepared for eminent death. Add to that the sound of the gate rattling in the background, and you have *dun dun dun* my life as a low budget horror movie!

Ramble #4: the staff is an extremely efficient weapon, and my favorite. There’s a lot you can do with it as far as fighting goes, but when you’re not fighting, it’s just plain cool. It’s imposing, you can lean on it, use it as a walking stick, and just generally give off “don’t mess with me I got a staff” vibes.

Ramble #5: Ducks vs. geese. Ducks are cute, will follow you around if you have food, make funny noises, and are great in general. GEESE HOWEVER, will attack you for absolutely no reason, do not think of food as a reason not to kill you, and are never ever in a good mood. And they don’t even taste good. (well that got dark.) I mean, who hurt you, geese? Why are they like this, and ducks are just waddle-y little cinnamon rolls?


And that concludes me throwing my thoughts at you for five whole paragraphs. Next week, I might have the next episode, and I might not. We’ll see.

BTW, it’s from Ron’s point of view. If you think that sounds fun. πŸ˜€

Goodbye. *crawls back into volcano*

6 thoughts on “Hi, it’s your old friend, writer’s block

  1. If someone could make Princess and the Pea make sense I would pay money for it. xD

    The next episode is from Ron’s perspective. Hmmm…. interesting. πŸ˜‰


  2. Ribbon bookmarks paired with the old looking book pages and old book smell are the best. ^_^
    I read one retelling of the Princess and the Pea that made slightly more sense for some parts. The king and queen didn’t like the girl and said the prince could only marry a princess, so they made up an impossible test. But the Prince replaced the pea with a bowling ball. Sooo… Yeah. *shrug* It was a comedy?


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