The Nostalgia Book Roundup!

I started my decent into the depths of readerhood at a young age. Today, we’re demystifying one of the great questions of life: what books did I read as kid? Well, I was a late reader, so it’s more “what did my mom read to me?” but same difference. Fun fact: one of the first stories I remember coming up with was because I had a picture book I was too young to read so I made up a story to go with it. It was a work of literary genius, obviously. We still have that book. I should look at it.

Oh- okay, this isn’t what I remember at all. But yeah, this is interesting. It’s like a treasury of poems and stuff? Hang on- there’s Shakespeare in here?! Wow, I must have been a cultured child. If had been able to read it, of course.

Well, that was fun. Now onto the point. Here are my favorite books from childhood (that I actually read).

  • Three Tales of My Father’s Dragon. Yep, it’s no coincidence that one of my favorites is about dragons. I remember the first story the most clearly, it’s basically about a boy who goes and rescues a dragon and he has to outsmart a lot of evilish animals and stuff. I reread it when I was older, and you know what, it actually held up and was still entertaining after all this time! That’s some good book stuff right there. Plus, a cool map. When I finally write the middle grade book I want to write, I want a map like it.
  • The Cricket in Times Square. I went and looked back at it, and while I remember there being illustrations, I don’t remember them being this CUTE??!! The mouse (his name is Tucker if you were curious) is adorable! While I don’t remember the plot too well, just looking back at the book gives me the warm fuzzy feelings. It’s about a cricket who ends up in, what’s this? Times Square? Almost like that’s the title or something. Anyway, he meets a boy, a cat, a cat and a mouse, and if I remember becomes famous for being… the cricket in Times Square.
  • The Family Under the Bridge. Because you know what kids like: grumpy hobos, and homelessness in general. Please don’t write me off as crazy, this is a great book as I remember. It’s about a homeless man named Armand who lives in Paris and doesn’t really like children. And then he has to put up with children. Wheee! It’s a really sweet book.
  • The Secret Garden. So if I had to rate all these books by how much I loved them growing up, this would be at the top. That’s why it’s just somewhere in the middle of the list. I’m being sneaky. I mean what’s not to love: not one but two positive character arcs, lots of running around outside and talking with animals, and a cool house on the moors that would definitely be very haunted if this was another book. I don’t know how many times I’ve reread it. I will never outgrow it, that’s for sure. *leans in way too close*
  • The Boxcar Children. The first book, to be exact. The others never happened. Understand? I never got tired of this book, and my mom never got tired of reading it 12,000 times. Right mom? So about my childhood this book. It’s about four siblings who run away and, hang on, I need to refresh my memory of the plot… *is overcome with the feels and immediately melts into a puddle* *carries on with the post anyway* Okay so they run away after their parents die, I believe, because they’re afraid of going to live with their grandfather. So they live in a boxcar. That’s why they’re called the Boxcar Children.

And if you would excuse me, I need to reread all of these. So, what were your favorite books as a kid? Did you read any of these?

Also, anyone happen to know if melting into a puddle is a permanent thing? Help?

And about the Wishmaker, YEP still working on it. I’ve fortunately powered through the writer’s block, as in, not being able to write at all, but everything I’ve managed to write since has been really sloppy and in great need of editing/trimming. Arg. Any prayers for my brain would be appreciated.

10 thoughts on “The Nostalgia Book Roundup!

  1. The Cricket in Times Square and The Secret Garden were both childhood classics for our family. 🙂
    And the Boxcar children! Don’t get my started! Though I must say, I only ever read the first two.

    I will be praying for your poor brain. ;P


    1. Thank you! Yessss, the Secret Garden. *maniacal laughing* I actually found out I’m (distantly) related to someone named Craven, and that makes me a lot happier than it should.

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  2. That was fantastic! And I have to agree with you on The Secret Garden, although I’ve only read it one-and-a-half times.

    My two book highlights of my childhood were The Happy Hollisters and American Girl. Ever read those?

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    1. I read the first two-ish American Girl books. I had two dolls, though. I was VERY obsessed with dolls growing up, lol. I still have a lot of vintage china dolls my friends are convinced are haunted.

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  3. Ironically these are all books that my mom read to us at some point or another during our childhood! (boxcar children was one of my faves too) I also have very fond memories of Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and Half Magic.

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