Questions… FOR YOU!!

“Time isn’t reeeaaal” I shriek, descending into madness as I ignore my own posting schedule more and more.

Okay, to be clear, I try to post on Tuesdays, but I live in a later time zone than WordPress thinks I do, and so when I post at night on Tuesdays, it says I posted on Wednesday. I’m trying, I promise. Does this explain why I’m posting on a Friday? Not at all.

Is this an apology to people living in earlier time zones? Well, we’re all just under the thumb of unyielding time, which controls our lives from the day we were born and will eventually be the last thing we see before we die at its hands, which cares not for us nor knows our names and has watched a million lives turn to dust before that same dust, briefly animåted, blσws across τhe façe of the ∈arth foΓ su⊆h a shθrt momeηt Ît ofτen se∈ms to βe all α dr∉am, §o fleeting thΔt Time’s sear⊄hing eye d⊕es litt⌊e more thaη pass o√er us, so no. 🙂

Still! Posting on Friday! Wild, huh? Well, I’ve been considering a couple of projects, and I’d like to know which people are more interested in seeing. I’m using this new-fangled technology (in which NC is a grumpy grandma) to take a survey, so give it a look and tell me what you’re most interested in!


Time to pray that the link works. xD


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