The style challenge: misspelling “challenge” over and over

First of all, thank you for the responses I got on my survey! It was really helpful, since I am deciding what direction this blog is going. The general consensus (though it was close!): y’all are interested in an animation, which is what I’ll be doing! I’ve never really animated before, but I’ve wanted to try it for a while, so why not?

Speaking of the future, I’ve come to the conclusion that, with school and other commitments and just general *gestures vaguely* life, I am going to stop updating the Wishmaker for now, whilst finishing all the episodes, editing them, and trying to make a coherent narrative. Then, I’ll start updating again (possibly from the beginning), probably about once a week. I don’t know how long it’ll take me to finish (I’m hoping to keep it under 15 chapters, though), but… yeah. I honestly don’t know. Thank you all for reading so far, and I’m excited to share the finished product with you!

Ok got that stuff out of the way. So what is the style challenge? Basically, you draw yourself or an OC in other art styles, and your own. Now, I don’t really have an art style that is specifically “me,” and I wanted to come up with something consistent I can use for my upcoming animation. Something simple, cartoon-y, and won’t drive me crazy drawing how ever many hundreds of frames I’ll need to. My art is usually a bit on the detailed side, so I needed to practice simplifying. Thus, I decided to do this challenge, focusing on cartoons I want to emulate. Onward, to the style challenge, or, as I like to call it, “me, but from various alternate universes.”


  • Disney

Style Challenge Disney

Doing this made me realize how much my own art is inspired by Disney, and growing up just copying the Beauty and the Beast posters in my room. XD Not much has changed, I pretty much straight-up copied Belle’s hair for this. I did have to improvise with the glasses, though, because, surprise, there aren’t a lot of Disney characters with hipster glasses.

  • Peanuts

Style Challenge Peanuts

This was excellent practice simplifying and getting the most out of as little detail as possible. I bent the style’s rules a little bit, because, in Schulz’s original art, you can’t see eyes behind glasses, but I loved the eyes too much to erase after I drew them.

  • Gravity Falls

Style Challenge Gravity Falls

I just finished watching this series and *deep breath* I have a few emotions, okay? I’m not sure how well I emulated the style here, but I do like the hair. I think I managed to capture the “shaggy, cut it myself with sewing scissors” essence of my own hair quite well.

  • Over the Garden Wall

Style Challenge Over the Garden Wall

I admittedly haven’t watched much OTGW, but the style is so unique and cool, I wanted to give it a try. I couldn’t find any references of characters with glasses, so I had to wing it, and I don’t know enough about the style to know how close I got. No matter what, the two lenses aren’t symmetrical *eye twitch* and that bothers me a liTtLE BiT-

Anyway, it’s kinda cute and I just want to, like, pat her head or something.

  • Let Me Explain Studios


Style Challenge Let Me Explain Studios

The YouTube animation community, especially the awesome Rebecca Parham of Let Me Explain Studios, is what got me interested in animation in the first place, so it made sense to do her style! I, being an unwise little bean, thought no mouths would make drawing easier and simpler. *snickers* Instead, it was super challenging to have to convey an entire expression with nothing but eyes and eyebrows.

  • ME??!!

Sketch of me

Like I said, I don’t have a style to call my own quite yet. But, I was sketching ideas the other day, and came up with this little doodle of me. So enjoy my not-quite-style.

I mean, I do have the style I used for my Q&A, but I’m thinking about going in a different direction for the future.

Like maybe stick figures with funny faces.


13 thoughts on “The style challenge: misspelling “challenge” over and over

  1. YUSSS, animation is my favorite genre of YouTube videos so I’m excited that a friend is going to try it out. πŸ˜€
    Also THE LME DRAWING THO. πŸ˜†πŸ€©

    Liked by 1 person

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