Inktober 2019: Lots of Trees

The secret to a successful NaNoWriMo is preparing ahead of time, and that’s why Inktober was invented, so I would be even more distracted. And it’s working! Inktober is a month-long art challenge where you draw something in ink every day of October… or every other day, or every week, or whenever, and it doesn’t have to be in ink. Basically, it’s the opposite of calculus, there aren’t rules. I decided to go half speed and do every other day, but I’ve been ~*~motivated~*~ and drawing multiple things on some days and drawing multiple days in a row.

And so today I’m sharing my “Best of Inktober 2019 So Far.”


  • Daisy


Here she is, ladies and gentlemen… with some sort of random grain, I don’t know. Just trust me, it’s aesthetic or something.

  • Ron


He’s beauty he’s grace he’s making a weird face.

  • Fensby


I know what you’re all thinking… why is there a banana in the background? There are two options, a) it’s not actually a banana, or b) in the next chapter the antagonist is a giant banana that falls on Fensby.

  • Something Wack in the Woods

Inktober19-House in the Woods

She’s a little blurry but she’s here. I don’t know what this is, my idea was “trees… but with CIRCLE,” and how could I not give life to a stroke of genius like that?

  • Shrugkin


Is he wearing a pumpkin? Is he a pumpkin himself? Even he’s confused.

  • A Decent Tree


Tree but without circle, the sequel to trees but with circle.

  •  Mobilio Dealio

Inktober19-Space Mobile

This was “make it up as you go” art, or, alternatively, “zoning out in the library as you become one with the books” art.

  • Pictures that Leave You with More Questions than Answers™

Inktober19-Pictures that Leave You with More Questions than Answers

I decided I was burning through my nice paper too quickly, so I sectioned this one off to get more use out of it. The theme is “pictures that leave you with more questions than answers,” and if you have questions now… mission accomplished.


*strikes awkward pose* Ta-da!



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