The Imaginary Assistant Tag: meet Gus!

Many millennia ago, and by that I mean some months, so same thing, I was tagged for the Imaginary Assistant Tag! This tag was begun by the talented Mariposa Aristeo, and the rules are as follows:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog (assistants won’t work for ungrateful bosses). Thank you so much, Evelyn and Alabama! (I got tagged twice, which really made me smile.) And while we’re on the subject, Alabama has a book out, The Bruised Dream! Here’s a link to where you can learn more.
2. Link back to the creator of the tag. Go drop by Mariposa’s blog!
3. Tag 5-10 bloggers who need assistants (and if they don’t need them, tag them anyway). Uhhhhhh, I’ll try!

1. What type of creature/species would you like your assistant to be (human, animal, dragon, dinosaur, figment of your imagination, etc.) and why? A traffic cone, with little feet. Is he a sentient traffic cone? Is it a little creature wearing a traffic cone as a hat? Who knows! As for why… why not?

2. What do you want your assistant to look like? I figured this would be hard to describe, so I made some doodles:


(Sorry for the weird lighting.)

3. What qualities are you looking for in an assistant (responsible, lovable, exasperating, etc.)? Stubborn, good at finding lost things, enigmatic, with a deep appreciation for puns.

4. What job(s) would your assistant be in charge of? Finding lost pencils (seriously, where did that thing go…), pointing out where I use “further” when I should use “farther” and things like that, and keeping me on track when I have a deadline.

5. What would you like your assistant to be named? Gus.

6. What would you feed your assistant (candy, books, pickles, etc)? Gus seems like he would have a soft spot for candies. You know those strawberry flavored hard candies that only grandmothers know where to find? Treats like those.

7. How would you pay your assistant and what benefits would you offer as compensation for their work? I’d pay him generously in all sorts of shinnies, as his favorite hobby is building up his dragonish hoard. And, of course, he can have plenty of vacation days. If he wants to scuttle off mysteriously on “traffic cone business,” who am I to interrupt that?

8. What special abilities would you like your assistant to have (i.e. ice powers to freeze writer’s block, super strength to break writer’s block, or super stupidity to stare at you while you’re having writer’s block)? You all know how little I know of human technology (though I am too a human, obviously, *human laughter*), so if he was a tech-savvy traffic cone creature who could help me when those WiFis and interwebs are acting up, we’d make a great team.

9. Where would you like your assistant to be from (Jurassic Park, Narnia, your head)? Maybe there’s a planet of traffic cone creatures, or maybe Gus is the only one of his kind… a cone must have his secrets, right?

10. Will you solemnly swear that you will not fire your assistant in either sickness or in health, for richer for poorer, smarter or stupider, writing or not writing, for as long as you both shall live? Aye, aye!
Tagging… Amy, if you haven’t been tagged already!

And by the way, this year’s schedule is going to be posts every other week on Saturdays!


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