Project Inspire!

Hello, and welcome back from an unplanned and unannounced hiatus! I was really burnt out with, just, everything creative after the work that was the Gus video. It was a lot of work. But I’m back now, and today it’s time to do a tag I was actually tagged for a looong time ago but I’m only now getting to. Oops. This is a tag created by the awesome Jenna Terese, and she tagged me last year. Imma be honest here, I started putting it off as I started to get a little self-conscious about writing. I didn’t feel I was writing fast enough, well enough, or with enough *looks stoically into the distance* dedication to really call myself a writer. And this tag is about writing, and I was thinking “I spend more time blogging than I do working on my novel, am I even a real writer?” But I shouldn’t have been so hard on myself! No matter where I’m putting my creativity at the moment, whether or not I’m a “real” writer doesn’t mean I don’t have a little ~*~inspiration~*~ to throw around! So may I present to you….


Project Inspire!


The rules…

  1. Thank and link back to who’s blog you first saw the tag on; link back to the creator of the tag. That would be Jenna!
  2. Answer the questions given (when you mention a person in your answers, link to their blog/website if they have one)
  3. Include 5 of the biggest things you’ve learned about writing, and how they’ve change you.
  4. Don’t tag anybody. 😉We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to take part in this. So at the end of your post, leave the open invitation to any of your readers that wants to do the tag.


  1. Who’s someone who’s inspired and motivated you to pursue writing?

I don’t have a specific name for this, but the historical fiction writers I read in middle school were what really got me into reading, and becoming a big reader is what made me realize that storytelling is really rad.


  1. Who encouraged you when you felt like giving up?

NaNoWriMo in general is the time I usually feel like giving up the most. And question my sanity the most. But it’s also when I feel the most connected to other writers, as we all pull together from across the world to suffer write at the same time. So a big thanks to my fellow NaNos (or are we WriMos?) for pushing me to do insane writer-y things.


  1. Was there a person (or even a blog post) that came at just the right time to give you the boost or motivation when you needed it?

I don’t know if the staff at Story Embers are sending gremlins to steal my thoughts or not, but I do know I have found exactly what I needed on their blog more times than I can count.


  1. Who’s always been there for you, through thick and thin with your writing?

My good friend and fellow writer Amy. Her perspective is always so refreshing.


  1. Who’s helped you make your writing better, wasn’t afraid to give you honest feedback, and helped improve your craft?

My mom was my first editor, the brave wielder of the red pen, and tireless supporter ever since I first started putting words together. Before I could even write, actually, she would write down my ideas for me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.


  1. Who’s given you doses of healthy laughter that brightens your day and brings a smile to your face?

My online buddies from Kingdom Pen, and now Story Embers, are a smart, funny, creative bunch, and I am both proud and amused to call myself a Kapeefer.


  1. What’s your favorite inspirational quote?

When I find myself in times of trouble

Emperor Palpatine comes to me

Speaking words of wisdom

“D 0    iT!”


  1. Is there someone you just want to take a moment to thank, for anything?

The people who post word crawls on the NaNo website are the backbone of our society and that’s a fact.


  1. What author and/or book inspired you to write better stories and motivate you to strive to give your message to the world?

Y’all probably saw this coming but Andrew Peterson and The Wingfeather Saga.


  1. What piece of advice do you want to give to other young writers?

To thine own self be true, but also learn to take criticism gracefully. You can do both! Just not easily. 🙂


Five things I’ve learned:

  1. Sometimes the only function a story serves is that you can look back at yourself and laugh, and that’s okay.
  2. Write stuff down. Good stuff, dumb stuff, write it down. I think I can remember things but I’m wrong.
  3. You will always get burnt out/writer’s block at some point, and learning to deal with that is important. You won’t always feel like writing/drawing/whatever. It won’t always be fun. You’ve got to learn how to take a break, or get inspiration, or just power through, depending on the context.
  4. Be flexible, because once you start writing, that scene/chapter/entire plot might not go to plan, but that can be a good thing.
  5. There’s always more to learn!


And that’s that. Sorry this took so long, Jenna, but thank you so much for sharing it with me!

Now, y’all consider yourself tagged and invited, if you’re interested


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