A Tour of my Minecraft World

I really like Minecraft. I’m not much of a GamerTM, but I like to chill out after a long day by turning on a podcast or some music and playin’ the ‘craft. My favorite mode is creative, where you can fly, have unlimited resources, and you (almost) can’t die. I enjoy being immortal, basically.

There’s this one world I’ve had for a long time, and it’s a Superflat world (for the uninitiated, Superflat worlds are just flat and grassy as far as the eye can see, with no mountains/rivers/etc. to interrupt your building.) and I’ve built quite a bit on it. There’s this one village I like to call the “Cursed Builds Only” village, because that’s where I build my most ridiculous and/or most misguidedly ambitious ideas. (I didn’t build the village, it auto-generated and I simply made myself at home.) There’s a lot to see, so I thought I’d give you a tour!


Here’s an aerial view of the village. On the top right, you can see The Pit of Madness and Never-ending Night, which is made entirely out of black concrete and if you go inside it, your screen just goes black and you can walk around forever without seeing civilization again!

MC cursed builds only village

Our first stop is the village itself, which I have turned into a nice zombie apocalypse settlement! Villagers, NPCs that live in villages, can be attacked by Zombies and turned into Zombie Villagers, which will then die when the sun comes up. So I put up a few signs around the village to remind the citizens to stay inside after dark. I got carried away.

dont be like dave

the dead are coming

MC comunity QnA

We also have a bat infestation.

Here’s my most recent project! It’s a giant mansion. Here’s the outside, if you look though some of the windows, you can see that bats that have taken up residence there. You know, bat infestation.

MC mansion

I haven’t finished the inside, but here’s the living room area. I thought it turned out nice, especially with the painting of the lady hugging a pig.

MC mansion interior

And here’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever built…


The bois

I like the skeleton because you can sit inside its head and look out on the countryside.

Moving on from this village, I made these little… scenes? Vignettes? I don’t know what to call them. They’re like little Minecraft museum displays.

Here’s one of the Overworld:

MC mini scene overworld

One of the Nether (alternate dimension you can access from the Overworld with the right tools and supplies):

MC mini scene nether

And one of the End (Another dimension, much more difficult to access, home to a dragon you can defeat and “win” the game)

MC mini scene end

And lastly, this isn’t in Cursed Builds Only, but it should be. New biome idea! The ground is leaves and the trees grow dirt.

new biome idea

Mojang, call me.


Well, I don’t know how many of you are into Minecraft, but I hope this was entertaining nonetheless!


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