It’s Time to Disappear! (but not forever)


I need a break. From blogging, specifically. I’m honestly just out of ideas, and I think a little break to do other things will help me generate some more. So I shall be gone until…. *drumroll* September. When in September? Why, that’s a fun and spicy surprise for you to find out! Probably late September. Since early September is just a couple weeks away.

Wait, August is almost over…??   ._.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing you guys later. Good luck to everyone starting a new school year, and if you’re not in school, uh, have a nice month? I don’t know what you guys do, all I know is the wonderful world of education, babyyy!

Get off my lawn, ya hooligans.


9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Disappear! (but not forever)

  1. You’ll be missed, NC. 😟 But it is good to take breaks and I completely support your decision! I hope you have a fun rest of the month (how IS august almost over already *panicked screaming*) and come up with all sorts of fabulous ideas! (which I am sure that you will!)

    Meanwhile, I just be sitting over here sipping tea and awaiting your return. 😀


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