The Worst (or Best?) Art I’ve Made

Have you ever have such a bad idea that you feel contractually obligated to bring it to life?

I have. Many times. And unfortunately for everyone else, I have access to a drawing program. So today, we’re diving deep into one of the greatest folders I have: Extreme Memes. They aren’t necessarily memes, but that’s where I put art that is Just Too Great For Human Eyes.

Like ArmPigeon   

I really like to mess up logos. Like this one! I like to call it, how do you answer when someone asks you, “what’s basketball again?”

Oh look, it’s my favorite miniseries, what was it called again? Oh yeah,

I don’t have an explanation for this one. And no, you don’t want to know how long this one took me to make.

Once I figured out how to make gifs (and if you pronounce it “jif” I will send ArmPigeon to your house to beat you up), I was unstoppable. You know that “how it feels to chew Five Gum” commercial? Well…

(Here’s the audio my brother made.)


This was a shorter (and late) post, but I can only release a certain amount of undiluted genius into the world at one time.



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