It’s… a post. Surprise!

Oh, hello.

Didn’t see ya there.


You know, when I came back from my hiatus, I was really optimistic that I would actually stick to a posting schedule this time…. Which is kinda funny looking back. I have an actual reason for not posting last week though! I was in a community theatre production of Twelfth Night, and last week was closing night. So that was fun.

But now I’m back, and we’re gonna finish this year off strong! Even though I keep thinking it’s August. Time no longer exists. What in the world is a November??

That being said, I’ve counted the last remaining weeks, and I realized that if I post every other week starting today, I’ll have to post the day after Christmas, and I’m going to be busy that week. Because Christmas.

Merry Chrysler!

So, tune in next week for a real post. Thank you guys for hanging around through the past through months of spotty posting. I’ll see you again soon!


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