Let’s Have a Chill Sit Down and Talk About Music

Just what it says on the tin, folks. I like music, and now, *evil laugh* I’m going to force you to listen to the music I like!! You can’t stop me!
Well, you don’t have to listen. But I will be forcing you to look at the links and hoping you are overcome by your own curiosity and click on them. Curiosity killed the cat, or rather, tricked it into NC’s taste in music.
These aren’t my top songs of all time, rather, these are what I’ve been listening to on repeat every day lately. Whether I want to or not, I just know that when I hear these songs years from now I’ll be taken back to this very moment. Just imagine me, old and grizzled, tellin’ the youngsters how in the old lockdown days, Granny NC would listen to ye olde music. And the youngsters will be all “Granny you’re so lame. This is what’s happenin’ in the music world these days,” and then they’ll play me the hottest song of that year, which will be four minutes of a single, piercing F sharp note so loud that it shatters my frail, old bones instantly, and that’s how I’ll die.
Until my unfortunate demise, or I get tired of them from listening to them every day, these are what I’m jamming to:

OFF- Pepper Steak [Ghost remix]

I’ve never played OFF, the game this song is from, but I can’t deny, this song slaps. I like how this remix incorporates samples from the game. It makes it just slightly unsettling.

SIAMÉS- The Wolf

I kind of forgot this song existed for almost a year, which might have been my brain’s defense mechanism to keep me from listening to it nonstop. Take that, brain! I remembered it! I recommend the music video even higher than the song, because it’s so well animated and so cool.

Lord Huron- When the Night is Over

This song to so atmospheric. It’s perfect “driving through the desert, alone except from the glowing eyes your headlights catch by the side of the road” music. On a different but related note, driving through empty desert without another car in sight unlocks new emotions, and that’s a rock fact!

The Oh Hellos- Cold

I don’t know how to recommend this song other than to tell you it has the lyrics “I’m not quite ready to turn to bone, to petrify the shred of life I’m holding on to,” which is so poetic I’m losing my mind.

Marty Robbins- Big Iron

It’s cowboy time! This is pretty different from the songs I usually listen to, but who doesn’t need more cowboy tunes in their life? Funny story, I found the song through this video (it’s not a rickroll I promise it’s got dogs in it it’s cute).

[ r e s p i t e ] (Dark Souls Lo-Fi Hip Hop Mix 2)

This isn’t a single song, but ten minutes of really, really good lofi. I know next to nothing about Dark Souls, other than it’s really hard to play, and given how I play Minecraft on Peaceful Mode and still get jumpscared by sheep, I probably wouldn’t like it very much. But, this video is my go-to background music for studying. No talking, no distracting noises, fades into the background just enough to let me concentrate real good.

So… yeah. Maybe I introduced you to the next song you’ll listen to until you can’t stand it, maybe not. No matter what, I hope you heard something you like!
Even if you don’t like any of the music please watch the dog video please I’m begging you it’s so cute.


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