Today’s the day

I met my self-imposed deadline(!!!!!!!!)

So yeah, go check out my Q&A video, fresh on the YouTube scene, definitely going to end up on Trending. Most watched video of 2019, here we come.

The audio quality is Not Excellent, but DO YOU KNOW. HOW MANY TAKES. IT TOOK ME TO GET A RECORDING WITH NO LOUD SOUNDS IN THE BACKGROUND? We’ll take what we can get.

Oh yikers, I’m sorry if this is cringey. ACTUALLY, I’m not sorry because I worked hard on this. So cringe if you want, but I tried something new and that’s what I chose to care about.

So here it is.






The big moment.






Oh yeah and sorry if I missed any questions/phrased them weirdly. I copied them all down in, like, a sort of shorthand, and then had trouble interpreting my own writing. I also started working pretty quickly so I didn’t get to answer some questions that got asked later. I’m saving them so talk about in a different post though, because I actually want to answer them.






Hyped yet?








Ok fine here you go:

4 thoughts on “Today’s the day

  1. Yay! It’s here! It was wonderful! 😀
    The old story part is the best. XD
    I didn’t know you were a stick person. 😛 (your doodles are great. Inspiring even! Maybe one day I shall do something like this! *probably not :P*)


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