Let’s Have a Chill Sit Down and Talk About Music

Just what it says on the tin, folks. I like music, and now, *evil laugh* I’m going to force you to listen to the music I like!! You can’t stop me!Well, you don’t have to listen. But I will be forcing you to look at the links and hoping you are overcome by your own … Continue reading Let’s Have a Chill Sit Down and Talk About Music

It’s… a post. Surprise!

Oh, hello. Didn’t see ya there. Partner. You know, when I came back from my hiatus, I was really optimistic that I would actually stick to a posting schedule this time…. Which is kinda funny looking back. I have an actual reason for not posting last week though! I was in a community theatre production … Continue reading It’s… a post. Surprise!

The Liebster Award- Illustrated Edition

lol I think I misspelled "Liebster" but honestly who knows. The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you. (many thanks to Maple at Maple Quill Penning Magic!) Display your award. Behold! (after publishing, NC realized how weird that looks on her background color. And what did she do about it? Nothing, as you have probably guessed … Continue reading The Liebster Award- Illustrated Edition