The Wishmaker: Episode 4

A shorter episode today, but the important thing is that IT EXISTS. PRAISE THE LORD, I FINALLY FINISHED. Because it's been, like, one and a half housefly lifetimes since the last episode, here's a crash-course in what you need to know: There's this gnome named Daisy, who sells special potions called Wishes. Long story short, … Continue reading The Wishmaker: Episode 4


The Nostalgia Book Roundup!

I started my decent into the depths of readerhood at a young age. Today, we’re demystifying one of the great questions of life: what books did I read as kid? Well, I was a late reader, so it’s more “what did my mom read to me?” but same difference. Fun fact: one of the first … Continue reading The Nostalgia Book Roundup!

Character interview with Solem Anders, Mirror-Hunter

Greetings, mortals. Or whatever. Today, I’ve got a very exciting announcement. *gestures for you to lean in closer* I’m part of R. M. Archer’s blog tour! *confetti and spaghetti rain down from the ceiling* This is to celebrate and spread the word about her new release, The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles!! Firstly, let’s take a second and … Continue reading Character interview with Solem Anders, Mirror-Hunter

The types of bookworms (and how to spot them in the wild.)

*British nature documentary narrator voice* The bookworm is usually a reclusive creature, and can often be mistaken for a normal human, a tree, or a bowl of spaghetti. If you want to spot one, you have to know what you’re looking for. On a similar note, if you mistake anyone for a bowl of spaghetti, … Continue reading The types of bookworms (and how to spot them in the wild.)