There… And Back Again

Wow, ok, hi…

This was supposed to come out on January 1st, on the second anniversary of Weird As Usual, but tHeN iT dIDn’T! I wanted to go out with a bang, and didn’t have the time to make something I felt really proud of until recently.

You probably saw this coming, honestly. I’m officially ending Weird As Usual.

WAIT! Don’t panic, I’m just migrating over to other platforms, not disappearing forever. I think it’s just time to start focusing my efforts elsewhere. And I’m not taking down this site, either, so the archives will be here even if I’m not. And, who knows, if I’m doing something in the future that works best on a blog, I may be back.

I wanted to say, THANK YOU. This started as a random spark of an idea that turned into something I had a TON of fun with. I’m so blessed to have had an audience to come on the journey with me. Every comment (even the spam comments!), every like, every follow; they mean a lot to me. I wasn’t really expecting this to go anywhere, but for two years, I had a great time writing posts, drawing silly art, and buying confusing fruit. It’s been a wild, fun time.

If there’s anything from this I can pass on to you, it would be, GO FOR IT. Try your goofy ideas, write about that random thing that made you laugh, live through the embarrassment that comes with realizing your family read that dumb post. If God can take a random introduction post that I wrote at like, 11 PM on New Year’s Eve and turn it into something I had so much fun with, I can’t wait to see where I’m going next. I’m in school, planning to study something creative, like music or linguistics, which wasn’t my original plan at all. I was thinking of a more ~*~science-y~*~ major, but through a lot of the “artsy” things I’ve explored in these past couple of years, including the things I did on this blog, I’ve found a different passion. And Weird As Usual was a part of it, so I guess I can say that this blog changed my life. Cliché as that sounds.

And now, that illustration that took me so long…

Ok, before I disappear into the void, here’s where you can find me from now on!

Instagram: @NC_was_here

YouTube: The_NC

Twitch (I’m going to start streaming more regularly soon!): weirdbirdbuddy

Twitter: @NCsHighQuality1 (it was supposed to be “NC’s High Quality Tweets” but I suppose it shortened it? Anyway, I seriously don’t like Twitter, so I’m afraid I can’t find it in me to care. I’ll probably only use Twitter for announcements.)


Guys, it’s been weird. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.
See you around!



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