We interrupt your regularly scheduled program… A guest post

You guys should really stop trusting me.

Last week, I warned you that this post might be a very tiny, mini post, or just not show up at all. And once again I was wrong about my own posting schedule. Fancy that. My brother, who we will call Mah Bro for now (or however long he lets me) has come to my rescue. Long story short, this is my first guest post!

I hereby DO NOT take any responsibility for what is about to happen, because it’s gonna be… interesting.

Take it away, Mah Bro!

*triumphant kazoo music*

Hi there, it’s ya boi, N.C. Stokes’s totally lit brother! Ok I’m gonna stop being a meme. Since NC is in Antarctica, I will be doing the blog post for this week. So, since I’m not a writer or anything I forced NC to send me some “get to know you” type questions. So, here we go! 

  1.       Whats up, my dude? 

I would have to go with either my hair or headphones. 

  1.       If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

If I ate my favorite food (mashed potatoes) for the rest of my life I would probably die. *Googles how long you can last on potatoes. * Well, apparently Google knows what I want because ‘potatoes’ were the second option. All I found was something saying if I eat over 10 potatoes a day, I’ll be fine! 

  1.       What was the first thing you said this morning? 

Is tomorrow really Monday? *dying noises* 

  1.       What would you do if you had a loyal army of ducks? 

Call one Humphry because reasons.  

  1.       What is the most obscure talent you have? 

I can do this voice that sounds either like an old lady or an annoying little girl. 

  1.       Would you rather explore space, or explore the depths of the ocean? 

Probably space. Because Interstellar is a great movie. 

  1.       What is your favorite fictional character? 


  1.       What makes you laugh every time? 

  1.       Would you wear a banana on your head all day (in public) for 100 dollars? 

Definitely, I need money, please donate to my Go Fund Me page. 

  1.    What’s that sneaking up behind you? …………………………………………….………….Made you look. 

Clever, very clever.  

  1.    Are you listening to music? If so, what? If not, you should be. Shame on you. 

Right now, I’m listening to a song called ‘Lonely’ by Alan Walker. 


Also, I’m apparently supposed to give 10 facts about myself. So here we go. 

  1. I do a type of dancing called ‘Clogging’ which is kind of like western tapdancing. 

  1. I’ve won 3rd place in a state science fair. 

  2. 5. I’m a Star Trek, Doctor Who and Clone Wars fan. Is that three facts? I don’t know.  

  3. I enjoy singing.   

  4. I’m shocked I’ve only done 5 facts.

  5. I want to be a movie director when I’m older. 

  6. I own 23 Funko Pops. 

  7. I don’t understand sarcasm.  

  8. does grammar bester then other people. (Wait ‘Bester’ is the last name of a character played by Walter Koenig who also played Pavel Chekov on Star Trek!!!! My goodness it’s small world after all.) 

  9. I can’t think of a 10th fact. 


NC suggested that to make this post longer I give “constructive” criticism/a review about her short story she posted the last two weeks. I’m not much of a reviewer but might as well give it a shot! 

*Scrolls down to see how long it is* This isn’t short. 

‘A Wish of love,’ this isn’t gonna be a romance story is it? ‘His expression was deadpan’ who uses the word ‘deadpan’ anymore? *Google intensifies* oh apparently, it’s kind of popular right now. Also, don’t Google deadpan or you’ll get pictures like this: 


Anyway, back to the story. ‘There’s a man in the crowd who’s trying to pretend he’s not looking at me.’ Run. ‘every so often he glances in my direction,’ Just run. ‘He peeks at me, and I wink back.’ Don’t encourage him! ‘There hasn’t been a big explosion since last April …. I had nothing to do with it.’  Are you sure about that? ‘He finally slides up to my table.’ All I can imagine is the guy slipping on the ground and sliding into the table at high speeds. When she “thinks for a minute” I actually thought it took a minute, so that guy is just standing there looking awkward. 

So, the first part was good. I don’t really like fairy tales or this sort of thing, so that’s why all I did was make jokes about it. Overall good beginning! 

Also, one of the comments said “Thank you for kicking your baby off a cliff.” NC what have you done? I don’t even know what to think about the comment after that… 

And now it’s time to make fun (remember to take that out) of the second part. 

‘The sailor draws his pistol,’ my this just got violent. ‘Botheration! Wait, what? ‘More shouting. A splash.’ Then a tsunami sweeps over them and there isn’t a chapter 2. Smart way to end it if you don’t want to write more about it. 

So, I enjoyed it. It was kind of slow but that might have been just me. I thought it was an interesting idea and I’m looking forward to chapter two where they get washed away by a tsunami. 

Welp, I’m out.


A round of applause for Mah Bro!

4 thoughts on “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program… A guest post

  1. “Also, one of the comments said “Thank you for kicking your baby off a cliff.” NC what have you done? I don’t even know what to think about the comment after that… ” And don’t know what to say about this comment on my comment. XD

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